St Ives, Cornwall

Contract value: IRO £1 million

Completed: in progress

The St Ives Workstation project involves the acquisition, design development and fit-out of a long-vacant building in the heart of the town. The property, which will be transformed into an enterprise hub, lies adjacent to the rail station and car-park, and underneath the Malakoff bus station. The concept for its redevelopment evolved directly from the St Ives Neighbourhood Plan consultation, the subsequent foundation of St Ives Community Land Trust, and from the Coastal Community Team’s Economic Strategy & Plan.

Fully accessible on three levels, the building comprises indoor and terraced areas, which have inspiring, panoramic views over the harbour, bay, townscape and island, affording an expansive ‘blue-room’ environment for enterprise activities and events. The Workstation will deliver support through services, partnership initiatives, training, activities, facility-hire and portfolio projects.

McCaren Architecture are working with St Ives Coastal Community Team to secure funding for the acquisition and fit-out of the Workstation building to provide a flexible hub for enterprise, innovation and resilience in the future economy of the St Ives Bay area.

Our design includes seminar and event space; two public cafés plus professional catering facilities for pop-up events; rentable office space, informal hot-desking facilities; and ancillary accommodation. As well as preparing concept designs for the building fit-out, we have also assisted with the completion of funding documentation, including the co-ordination of the design team to produce an accurate budget estimate to support funding bids.