Contract value: TBC

Completed: TBC

Our client approached McCaren Architecture having initially been refused planning permission for a terrace of three properties on this site.  We successfully obtained permission for three dwellings: a pair of 3-bedroom semi-detached houses for sale; and a detached ‘eco-house’ for the client.  The sale of the semis funded our client’s straw bale house that he subsequently built himself.

The design of the semis was determined by the topography, orientation and the splendid views from the site over Totnes.  An “upside down” arrangement resulted in the houses having split-level, open plan living/dining spaces running the full length of the building, with large windows to take advantage of passive solar gain into a sunspace at one end, and the views over the town at the other.

As well as nursing the project through a delicate planning process the practice provided assistance with Health and Safety issues, a Party Wall agreement and neighbour concerns regarding overlooking, we also provided information and advice on construction to the client who was self-building for the first time.