Cawsand, Cornwall

Completed: 2014

Cawsand Fort dates from 1858, part of a network of fortifications constructed in response to the mid-nineteenth century strengthening of the French navy, known colloquially as Palmerston’s follies. The scheduled monument includes the remains of a late eighteenth century battery incorporated during the nineteenth century re-building, which is also protected by a Grade II listing.  In 1987 the row of barracks lying against the south-west curtain wall of the Fort were converted to housing.

Our client, who owned one of these residential properties, approached McCaren Architecture to provide a heritage statement assessing the impact of replacing a set of balcony doors that had reached the end of their functional life.  We prepared an impact statement that identified the historic significance of the Fort and its setting, concluding that the proposal made no material change to any important listed elements of the building.  Consent was subsequently granted by the local authority and our client was able to upgrade her property with a view to its sale.