Keyham Green, Plymouth, Devon

Contract value: £320k

Completed: 2002

The Keyham Green Places Project was one of a number of schemes undertaken by the Plymouth-based Community Regeneration of Outreach Projects.  Following initial involvement with staff and students from the School of Architecture, a public exhibition and a lengthy consultation process, McCaren Architecture were selected to prepare designs for the Community Resource building and the adjacent site.

The aim of the project was to provide a much-needed resource for the local community while breathing new life into old allotments which had fallen into neglect through under use over a number of years.  In an attempt to revive interest in gardening, the project included extensive landscaping of part of the site, including the formation of three ‘teaching’ allotments.

The new L-shaped single-storey building sits into the landscaped gardens with all of the main activity areas opening on to a small courtyard which in turn links to the gardens beyond.  Despite significant changes in level across the site, a major consideration in the design was for building and the gardens was that all areas should be fully accessible to disabled people.