Sheepstor, Dartmoor National Park

Contract value: not known

Completed: 2011

McCaren Architecture were commissioned to design the extension and refurbishment of a near-derelict farmhouse and outbuildings in the village of Sheepstor, which our clients planned to renovate for resale.  The project involved the restoration of the farmhouse, a remodelling of the existing two-storey, flat roofed extension at the rear, and a new two-storey extension on the west side.  It also included the conversion of an existing barn immediately behind the farmhouse into domestic accommodation, with a single-storey glazed link to connect it to the farmhouse.

We explored several options for the extension with the clients, and later with the Planning Officer at Dartmoor National Park.  The final design scheme maximised the potential of the site with the addition of ensuite bedrooms, and substantially-enlarged living areas for the kitchen, dining, and reception rooms.

A high concentration of listed and historic buildings in the immediate vicinity meant that particular attention had to be paid to authentic architectural detail to ensure the sensitive restoration of the farmhouse and barn buildings.  Our close liaison with the Planning Officer led to a successful planning application in an area known for the strict regulation of development.

Our clients decided on a self-build route for the construction, and when the property was sold in 2011 they achieved a very good return on their investment.